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Hey, I'm Sara, and I want you to do well.

In January 2020, God told me that I have something to say.

I replied, "Of course I what is it?"

And here I am, taking steps probably too bold for the extent of my experience, but according to Banning Liebscher, "Success is obedience." And after chilling (ok, actually there was zero chill happening) with obedience as my 2019 Word of the Year, here we go. Succeeding just by obeying.

What does this mean for you, dear reader? You're in for a ride. 

I'm a wife to Josh, the coolest coffee roaster ever, momma to four blue-eyed monsters, owner of our fifth baby Normal Roasting Company, newbie home educator, lover of small towns, country girl at heart. You'll find everything from entrepreneur mom life to home organization to homeschool hacks all the way to working as a team with your spouse all in a scrapbooky storytelling form. But I really just want to help you dwell in a place of joy, rest, and rhythm in your home and business. 

I wear flannel shirts and my long hair with a mean gray streak in a side braid most days. I live in a tiny fixer-upper on the edge of town. I can't keep up with podcasts and I count audiobooks as real books. I feed my kids quesadillas probably too many times per week, and I have a bent towards quitting when things get too hard. The beauty of this is that I'm just normal. 

sara holmquist coffee shop smiling
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